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Charles Lwanga Mubiru

The Uganda Martyrs and the Need for Appropriate Role Models in Adolescents' Moral Formation

As Seen from the Traditional African Education

Reihe: Theologie, Band 102, 2012, broschiert, 336 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-643-90142-2

Uganda, like elsewhere in the world, is experiencing a moral decline. This necessitates acquainting the nation's young people with appropriate role models beginning with God, then Jesus Christ and the saints, particularly the Uganda martyrs. Besides, the author envisages no substantial moral renewal, if Ugandan parents and adults themselves do not give a good moral example and create a favourable moral environment. Otherwise Ugandan young people will be building "a personal identity through trial and error, without any goalpost in sight" and thus perpetuating a state of moral decline.


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