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Piotr Salustowicz (Ed.)

Social Policy and Social Work

From an International Development Perspective

Reihe: European Perspectives on Social Development. Social Policy and Social Work, Band 1, 2008, broschiert, 264 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-8258-1620-9

The present social policy and social work are facing with and challenging the process of rapid change in all aspects of social life: economic, cultural and political. The globalising capitalistic economy is considered to be the main cause of this process and it is made responsible for reduction of the public sphere, for the demise of the welfare state, for growing poverty and social inequalities, for damage of the local communities and families, for degradation of the environment. There is no doubt social policy and social work has to rise to these challenges. This volume contains some interesting contributions to this question provided by international experts.

Piotr Salustowicz, professor at the University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld/Germany and at the SWSP/Warsaw. Main research fields: social policy, civil society, social economy and social work.


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