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Martina Könighofer

The New Ship of Zion

Dynamic Diaspora Dimensions of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem

Reihe: Afrika und ihre Diaspora, Band 7, 2008, broschiert, 144 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-8258-1055-9

The New Ship of Zion explores the dynamic Diaspora dimensions of the African Hebrew Israelites, a spiritual movement of African Americans who have traced their roots to Zion. With the successful establishment of thriving model communities in Israel and Ghana they have built up a framework for repatriation to the motherland.

The resulting constructions of ethnic and cultural identity are the subjects of this book. It also sheds light on the ideological concepts of other communities that travel the same waters as the New Ship of Zion, such as the Rastafarians.


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