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Alan Bryden, Boubacar N'Diaye, Funmi Olonisakin (Eds.)

Challenges of Security Sector Governance in West Africa

Reihe: Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), 2008, broschiert, 432 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-8258-8681-3

There is currently no comprehensive study of the status of security sector governance in West Africa. Many efforts to understand governance of the security sector in Africa have been directed either at individual countries or at providing a general analysis of the state and security in Africa. This book is intended to contribute to confidence and peace-building through developing a better understanding of the challenges of security sector governance and generating practical policy recommendations based on work conducted by West African experts. It analyses the nature of security sector governance in each of the 16 West African states, provides an assessment of the effectiveness of governance mechanisms, in particular relating to democratic oversight of the security sector, and takes into account the regional and international dimensions to the issue. This book will be published in English and French and disseminated to all relevant actors as a practical tool for both academic and practitioner audiences.


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