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Ed. Martina Ghosh-Schellhorn (with Vera Alexander)

Peripheral Centres, Central Peripheries

India and its Diaspora(s)

Reihe: Transcultural Anglophone Studies, Band 1, 2006, broschiert, 304 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-8258-9210-7

Prominent scholars in literary and cultural studies, anthropology, sociology, linguistics, media studies, theatre production, and translation challenge the centre-periphery dichotomy used as a paradigm for relations between colonizers and their erstwhile subjects in this collection of critical interventions.

Focussing on India and its diaspora(s) in western industrialized nations and former British colonies, this volume engages with topics of centrality and/or peripherality, particularly in the context of Anglophone Indian writing; the Indian languages; Indian film as art and popular culture; cross-cultural Shakespeare; diasporic pedagogy; and transcultural identity.


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