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Natalie Fryde, Dirk Reitz (Eds.)

Walls, Ramparts, and Lines of Demarcation

Selected Studies from Antiquity to Modern Times

Reihe: The Shape of War, Band 1, 2009, broschiert, 184 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-8258-9478-8

Fortifications on the scale of these walls are unique in that they are (apart from individual castles) the only known military measure with long-term aims. The military aims sometimes proved of extremely long-term value, the most extreme example being the erection of the Great Wall of China.

The aim of this volume is to find out the common denominator (if any) behind the creation of such fortifications, their effectiveness and their influence on a long and short-term basis.

  • W. Moschek, The Limes;
  • K. Brodersen, Hadrians Wall and the Antonine Wall;
  • A. Williams, Offas Dyke;
  • N. Lund, The "Danewerk";
  • F. Corral; The Frontera: Spanish Defences against the Moors;
  • A. Scobell, The Great Wall of China;
  • D. Reitz, The French Eastern Border;
  • H. Bröckermann, The Berlin Wall;
  • M. van Creveld, The Jerusalem Wall;


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