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Ulrike Kistner

Commissioning and Contesting Post-Apartheid's Human Rights

HIV/AIDS - Racism - Truth and Reconciliation

Reihe: African Connections in Post-Colonial Theory and Literatures, Band 2, 2003, broschiert, 216 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-8258-6202-x

The essays compiled in this book take issue with some of the directions of human rights politics in the immediate post-apartheid period. They look at the relationship between different sets of rights within the political contestations in South Africa. To the terms of social struggles for rights and justice, this book brings perspectives from narrative, psychoanalysis, political philosophy, and medical history; and from the history of national liberation struggles, nationalism and citizenship.

Ulrike Kistner works as a teacher and researcher in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her work spans the fields of literary theory, cultural studies, and medical history.


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