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Hans Lenk

Global TechnoScience and Responsibility

Schemes Applied to Human Values, Technology, Creativity and Globalisation

Reihe: Philosophy in International Context/Philosophie im internationalen Kontext, Band 3, 2007, broschiert, 432 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-8258-0392-6

The 21 st century is shaped by globalisation, worldwide electronic information dissemination and planetary presence of media and IT networks. The information society became a high-tech industrial or systems-technological super-information society with ubiquitous IT accessibility.

Attending to techno-science super-structures and systems technocracies the book tackles problems of social responsibility, humanitarianism, ecological policies, and a philosophy of technology, planning, risk assessment, decision-making, globalisation, creativity, achievement-orientation, etc. for a humane future orientation. Philosophy should go systems- and practice-oriented, normative and optimistic again.


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