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Julia D.E. Prinz

Endangering Hunger for God

Johann Baptist Metz and Dorothee Sölle at the Interface of Biblical Hermeneutic and Christian Spirituality

Reihe: Religion - Geschichte - Gesellschaft, Band 44, 2007, broschiert, 304 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-8258-0495-4

Post-Auschwitz biblical hermeneutic by Johann Baptist Metz and Dorothee Sölle is set in dialogue with Post-colonial biblical hermeneutic focusing on resistance against destruction of biblical text through fascist or colonial interpretation. This dialogue is brought into the self-implicative dynamic of Biblical Spirituality research, reflecting the authors own context of engaging biblical text.

Julia D. E. Prinz, VDMF graduated with a Ph.D from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA in October 2006. She holds degrees from the Bonn University, the Goettingen University, PSR at Berkeley, PUU in Rome and JSTB. She taught in Madrid, Spain and Berkeley, CA and is currently involved in base-community work in San Francisco.


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