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Elaine Graham, Anna Rowlands (eds.)

Pathways to the Public Square

Practical Theology in an Age of Pluralism. International Academy of Practical Theology, Manchester 2003

Reihe: International Practical Theology, Band 1, 2005, broschiert, 328 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-8258-8423-6

This volume represents the proceedings of the 2003 meeting of the International Academy of Practical Theology, which was held in Manchester (UK) on the theme of `public theology'. Featuring over twenty papers from some of the world's leading practical theologians, `Pathways to the Public Square' offers a wide variety of perspectives on the relationship between theology and politics, education, law, culture and economics. They include subjects as diverse as the role of religion in the constitution of the European Union, theological themes in popular music, Roman Catholic-Muslim dialogue in the U.S.A., and the spirituality of the public realm. This book will be of interest to theological educators and students, church leaders, policy-makers and all those interested in the relationship between religion and public life.


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