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Sonia Zyngier, Anna Chesnokova, Vander Viana (Eds.)

Acting and Connecting

Cultural Approaches to Language and Literature

Reihe: Kommunikation und Kulturen/Cultures and Communication, Band 6, 2007, broschiert, 336 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-8258-0750-4

This fine collection of papers is the successful outcome of an international research project carried out by advanced undergraduate and graduate students from four different countries. Exceptionally, the papers do not rehash old ideas or themes but offer a fresh approach to a wide range of topics from language, literature and culture. This innovative attitude is the result of newly devised empirical methods of research, which clearly show that these students are well on their way to becoming inventive and resourceful researchers. Indeed, their papers must be a source of methodological inspiration for students (and their teachers!) all over the world struggling with the question of how to conceive and carry out a research project on a linguistic, literary and cultural topic.

Peter Verdonk

Emeritus Professor of Stylistics at the University of Amsterdam

This volume connects three important themes and acts upon them.

First, it provides empirical studies of literary texts and experiences, once again proving the value of empirical studies of literature. It thereby nicely forecasts the future of literary studies. Secondly, it highlights the connections between research groups in different continents, showing the strength of international collaborations. It thereby nicely forecasts the future of intercultural research. Thirdly, it presents work from students, illustrating upcoming talent. It thereby nicely forecasts the future of academia.

This volume presents research that should excite anybody working in literary studies. Moreover, this is a volume any undergraduate and graduate student in this area of research should read - for its interdisciplinary ideas, for its intercultural message and for the path it paves for exciting research in language and literature.

Max Louwerse

President of the International Society for Empirical Study of Literature


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