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Inga D. Schmidt, Thomas Döbler, Michael Schenk

E-Commerce: A Platform for Integrated Marketing

Case Study on U.S. Retailing

Reihe: Markt, Kommunikation, Innovation (MKI), Band 4, 2000, broschiert, 208 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-8258-4661-x

According to market forecasts, e-commerce will attain growing importance in the near future: Business transactions are changing. However, until today, the subject lacks profound findings about possible challenges and advantages, as well as about success factors of acceptance.

The present book informs about the trends in business-to-consumer e-commerce both from the retailer's and the customer's point of view. Additionally, it contains a case study of a well known U.S. retailer and a corresponding customer survey. Based on the results of this study, customer profiles, market segments and strategies are derived.

The study shows that e-commerce is far more than a mere selling and distributing channel. It is a platform for an integrated marketing that takes customers' needs into consideration while at the same time enforces customer focus.

While it may be too early to predict its ultimate impacts, e-commerce is certainly a major source of business opportunity today. The greatest threat may be the risk of not acting on this occasion.

Michael Schenk ist Professor an der Forschungsstelle für Medienwirtschaft und Kommunikationsforschung der Universität Hohenheim.


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