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Innocent I. Asouzu


New Complementary Ontology. Beyond World-immanentism, Ethnocentric Reduction and Impositions

Reihe: Philosophy in International Context/Philosophie im internationalen Kontext. Studies/Abhandlungen, Band 2, 2007, broschiert, 440 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-8258-0232-5

The book is a new attempt at articulating ontology in a way that makes metaphysics more adaptable to concrete problems of life. The author uses the Igbo term Ibuanyidanda (complementarity) as the new ontological horizon around which he expounds the notion of being. Within this horizon, he designates being as that on account of which anything that exists serves a missing link of reality. Hence, a thing can be said to be if it has the capacity to be grasped within the framework of mutual complementary relationship of all existent realities i.e. ka so mu adina. With this, the author shows how an abstract bifurcating notions of being can be avoided such that ontology is made very relevant to issues dealing with mutual understanding and regulation of conflicts.


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