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Thomas Lahusen, Peter H. Solomon, Jr. (eds.)

What Is Soviet Now?

Identities, Legacies, Memories

Reihe: Geschichte: Forschung und Wissenschaft, Band 27, 2008, broschiert, 336 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-8258-0640-8

Economists and political scientists wrestle with the challenges faced by Russian officials and public alike in adapting to a market economy and democracy, including the fragility of property rights and elections still rooted in old institutional structures. Contributors examine the reforms of health and welfare, and the hierarchy of privilege and access, and consider how Putin's statist approach to mythmaking compares to that of previous Soviet and post-Soviet regimes. Historians and anthropologists explore the issue of nostalgia, gender, punishment, belief, and how history itself is being created and perceived today. The volume concludes with a journey through the ruined landscape of real socialism.


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