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Tonci Matulic

Metamorphoses of Culture

A Theological Discernment of the Signs of the Times against the Backdrop of Scientific-Technical Civilisation

Reihe: Theology East - West / Theologie Ost - West, Band 25, 2018, Gebundene Ausgabe, 688 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-643-91049-3

The book Metamorphoses of Culture was originally published in Croatian language in 2008. It is worth noting that this book was awarded the Grand Prix - Croatian Book of the Year 2008 in April 2009. The author in the book seriously takes the stimulus of the Second Vatican Council that says: "With the help of the Holy Spirit, it is the task of the entire People of God, especially pastors and theologians, to hear, distinguish and interpret the many voices of our age, and to judge them in the light of the divine word, so that revealed truth can always be more deeply penetrated, better understood and set forth to greater advantage" ( Gaudium et spes, no. 44). This book brings author's hearing, distinguishing and interpreting some of today's burning signs of the times in the light of the Gospel against the backdrop of scientific-technical civilisation.

Tonci Matuli'c (1966) was ordained priest in 1992. Since 1999, he has been lecturing Moral Theology and Social Teaching of the Church at the Catholic Theological Faculty University of Zagreb, where he was elected Full Professor in 2011.


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