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Pablo Valdivia

Spanish Literature, Crisis and Spectrality: Notes on a Haunted Canon

Reihe: Hispanic Transnational Studies, Band 2, 2018, broschiert, 192 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-643-90573-4

In Spanish Literature, Crisis and Spectrality: Notes on a Haunted Canon, Prof. Dr. Pablo Valdivia analyses the contradictions and complexities of the Spanish traditional canon from a transnational approach. Valdivia explores this particular canon as a `haunted house' by focusing on the specific dialectics of presence, absence and (in)visibilization offered in relevant case studies: Jos'e Ricardo Morales, Cervantes or Jes'us Carrasco, among others. Under the new term of `disinherited literature', Valdivia advocates for cining critical categories that enrich the study of Spanish texts and shed new light on their radical specificities far from biased political and power strategic interests.

Prof. Dr. Pablo Valdivia is Chair of European Culture and Literature, and Co-Director of the Research Centre Arts in Society at the University of Groningen.


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