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Jan Markus Adrian

Modularization in the Wind Turbine Industry

Discontinuity in the Governance of Value Chains and its Spatial Implications

Reihe: Geographie, Band 26, 2017, broschiert, 296 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-643-90946-6

The work examines the organizational change of the wind sector in the course of product and value chain modularization. The methodology developed here analyzes modularization using standardized variables and allows a classification of value chains at company and component levels.

Necessary adaptation and learning processes change externalities and location requirements, lead to a reorganization of relationships between components as well as companies and create an organizational discontinuity. This leads ultimately to a new spatial configuration of the industry and its value chains.

Markus Adrian was a research assistant at the Department of Geography at the University of Hamburg. Currently he is working as Export Advisor for Wind Energy at the Consulate General of Denmark in Hamburg.


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