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Sonja Nebel, Aurel von Richthofen (Eds.)

Urban Oman

Trends and Perspectives of Urbanisation in Muscat Capital Area

Reihe: HABITAT - INTERNATIONAL: Schriften zur internationalen Stadtentwicklung, Band 21, 2016, broschiert, 280 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-643-90714-1

The book traces urbanisation patterns in Oman looking at the coastal strip of Muscat Capital Area. This metropolitan region emerged within the last 50 years almost out of nowhere and is now home of the majority of the national and expatriate population of Oman.

Urbanisation, and the socio-political, economic and environmental aspects attached to it, become an index of the radical spatial transformation of the Sultanate.

This process, if managed well, also holds the key to sustainable urban development. Urban Oman invites geographers, planners, urban designers, architects, decision-makers and scholars of Gulf Studies to rethink the emergence of Muscat Capital Area and to embrace the urban Oman.

Sonja Nebel, architect and urban planner, is researcher and consultant with focus on international urban development, rehabilitation and urban management, affiliated to TU Berlin and GUtech, Oman.

Aurel von Richthofen, architect and urbanist, is working on urban renewal and spatial planning strategies, and is currently researcher at the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore affiliated to the ETH Zurich, Switzerland.


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