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Bernfried Nugel, Jerome Meckier (Eds.)

Aldous Huxley Annual

Volume 14 (2014)

Reihe: Aldous Huxley Annual, Band 14, 2016, broschiert, 296 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-643-90698-4

Volume 14 of Aldous Huxley Annual begins with the presentation of Huxley's 1961 diary covering his trip to Europe. It continues with his role in the editing of a book by his wife Laura and the story of the Huxley Tapes, a collection of recorded lectures and readings from his late career. Further critical articles on particular aspects of Huxley's work follow, including a second selection of papers from the Oxford Symposium in 2013. The volume closes with the third Peter Edgerly Firchow Memorial Essay by Julian Piras (Belgium).


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