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Veronika Bernard, Hatice Övgü Tüzün (Eds.)

IMAGES (III) - Images of the City

The Conference Proceedings

Reihe: Ethnologie / Anthropology, Band 57, 2014, broschiert, 248 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-643-90511-6

IMAGES deals with the discourse of cultural encounters within the con-text of social co-existence. The project defines "discourse of cultural encounters" as the discourse within the context of cultural encounters, and as the discourse on cultural encounters. Within this scope, the project deals with both verbal and non-verbal communication and focuses on the thematic fields of cultural encounter, poverty, and migration.

This volume thus offers readers a cross-section of current research both on the perception of urbanity and on contemporary and historical representations of the city coming from a variety of fields in people's daily lives.


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