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Ulrike Elsdörfer

Interreligious Encounter on cura animarum

ECPCC and ICPCC documents and reports from 1972-1998

Reihe: Pastoral Care and Spiritual Healing - Spiritualität interkulturell, Band 2, 2013, broschiert, 208 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-643-90312-9

Ulrike Elsdörfer has collected texts from the most diverse traditions that discuss relationships between psychology/psychotherapy and religion(s) in the context of care and counselling.

A special dialogue on the encounter between psychology and religion in post-war Europe is presented by Jewish and Christian counsellors; various other religious accesses to care and counselling turn the spotlight on the emerging intercultural encounter in this field.

Dr. phil. Ulrike Elsdörfer is a Protestant theologian and supervisor.


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