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Marija Brala Vukanovic, Irena Vodopija-Krstanovic (Eds.)

The Global and Local Dimensions of English

Exploring Issues of Language and Culture

Reihe: Linguistik und Sprachvermittlung, Band 4, 2011, broschiert, 168 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-643-90073-9

The interaction between the global and the local has inspired inquiry into the multifarious manifestations of English nowadays, stimulating scholarly research into its diverse linguistic, cultural and pedagogical landscapes.

Drawing together various strands of the Global English debate, the papers in this volume question and expand on the interaction between Global English and local contexts in the Alpine-Adriatic region and examine its complexities from different, yet complementary, perspectives: the cultural, the methodological (ELT), the translational and the linguistic.

Marija Brala Vukanovic (M.Phil. in English and Applied Linguistics - Cambridge University; Ph.D. in Cognitive Linguistics, Cambridge University) is Associate Professor and Chair in English and Applied Linguistics at the English Department of the University of Rijeka, Croatia.

Irena Vodopija-Krstanovic (M.A. in TESOL - SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont; Ph.D. in TESOL - University of Klagenfurt) is Senior Lecturer in the English Department at Rijeka University, Croatia.


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