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Sascha Krannich

The Reconquest of Paradise?

How Indigenous Migrants Construct Community in the United States and Mexico

Reihe: Studien zu Migration und Minderheiten, Band 32, 2017, broschiert, 432 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-643-90920-6

The book analyzes the phenomenon of how indigenous migrants - who escaped social discrimination and economic exclusion in Mexico - build a well institutionalized transnational migrant community in the United States. In this process of self-empowerment, indigenous migrant leaders use transnational networks on different levels to negotiate indigenous membership, identity, and opportunities of political participation. Over the last decades, they were able to improve living conditions of members in the migrant community as well as indigenous home communities in Mexico.

Dr. Sascha Krannich works as a researcher at the Research Center of Siegen University (FoKoS). He focuses on immigration policies, migration and development.


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