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Siegbert Uhlig, David Appleyard, Alessandro Bausi, Wolfgang Hahn , Steven Kaplan (Eds.)


History, Culture and Challenges

Reihe: Afrikanische Studien/African Studies, Band 58, 2017, Gebundene Ausgabe, 384 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-643-90892-6

ETHIOPIA is a compendium on Ethiopia and Northeast Africa for travellers, students, businessmen, people interested in Africa, policymakers and organisations.

In this book 85 specialists from 15 countries write about the land of our fossil ancestor `Lucy', about its rock-hewn churches and national parks, about the coexistence of Christians and Muslims, and about strange cultures, but also about contemporary developments and major challenges to the region.

Across ten chapters they describe the land and people, its history, cultures, religions, society and politics, as well as recent issues and unique destinations, documented with tables, maps, further reading suggestions and photos.


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