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Julien Bobineau, Philipp Gieg (Eds.)

The Democratic Republic of the Congo. La République Démocratique du Congo

Problems, Progress and Prospects. Problèmes, Progrès et Perspectives

Reihe: Afrikanische Studien/African Studies, Band 55, 2016, broschiert, 312 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-643-13473-8

This interdisciplinary volume brings together English and French language contributions that add to an in-depth picture of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's current state of affairs. The authors from various academic fields who research and teach at universities in Africa, Asia and Europe focus on political and economic perspectives, education and civil society, health and environment, the country's international relations as well as historical foundations. They analyse the problems the country is facing but also point out where progress has been made, where possibilities lie - and how these possibilities can come to fruition.

Julien Bobineau (Romance Studies) and Philipp Gieg (Political Science) are lecturers and researchers at the University of Würzburg, Germany. They co-founded the University's Young Africa Centre and are members of the Forum Africa Centre.


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